About Us

Car Chalak is a startup brings you the solution of Hourly Paid Drivers for your car. Based on an extensive study and understanding of the services that any city is looking for, We provide you skilled, well behaved and professional drivers into the right work setting and is a hallmark of our presence. Well trained and experienced car drivers are available for national approach. Our goal is to give you the best services at your door step. Our proprietary solutions and understanding of the marketplace keeps us in tune with challenges you will likely meet today and the opportunities you are striving for tomorrow. Now you can not only hire auto rickshaws and taxis but also can hire a driver for your own car at your own comfort. If you had ever felt that owning a car or a second car is far easier than driving it, then this is the service is for you. Stop cursing City's pot- holed roads, irksome auto drivers and nose-diving two-wheelers, and endless traffic.

Planning for a vacation or going for official meeting, Stop restless driving that suck your energy and attention. Instead, just go to the Car Chalak app. hire a driver who is waiting to transport you from one place to another, at a very nominal price. A service that is been designed to give you a suitable, modern-day alternative for every conceivable situation you may need a driver for.

Remember, we are not talking about appointing a permanent driver with fixed expenses to you, we are talking about hiring a driver on an hourly basis. This service gives you one less thing to worry about when traveling in unfamiliar territory. Not having to make connections or wait for taxis means you have more time to relax or catch up on some work in your own car. Suppose you are not in a mood to drive your car today, then you can hire a driver for the day. Suppose you want to visit a party but are afraid of getting caught on charges of "drunk-and- drive" on your way back home or a night out in the city, an outstation getaway, or dropping your parents to the airport. Got a doctor's appointment but your son is not available to drive your car to the clinic. Heading to the market to shop but worried about your car to park on a busy road, require a valet at all the stoppages. Get to do it all in the comfort of your own car, then hiring a driver for few hours could be the right decision. Go ahead, download CAR CHALAK app and enjoy flexibility like never before. Get to know more about what we offer and our low charges by giving us a call.

As mobile technology is becoming more adaptable, the trend of using smart devices is growing like wildfire, and there is in fact no slowdown. Looking at market need & scenario CAR CHALAK is in tune with the mobile application for Customers and Drivers. The entire Hourly basis car driver requirements taken care by the technology platform which is managed by our indigenous software solutions. This application has three parts viz. Admin app, Customer mobile app and Driver app. Customer app enable application user to add booking/trip i.e. Local / Outstation/ outstation one way, as per their requirement whereas Car Chalak manages and monitor entire activities on admin application for smooth running of your tour.

Car Chalak driven car can make all the difference to your journey, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. At Car Chalak, we understand the importance of reliability, and our promise is to deliver a prompt, dependable and welcoming experience every time.

Points CarChalak Services Offers You Check
1 Police clearance certification for all personal car drivers for safety of your family. Yes
2 Advance estimated bill on App. Yes
3 Background verification of all drivers. Yes
4 Document verification of all drivers. Yes
5 Address verification of all drivers. Yes
6 GPS database collection of drivers for client's safety. Yes
7 Proper uniform provided to drivers. Yes
8 Road safety training of all drivers to avoid accidents. Yes
9 Behavioral and anger management training of all drivers. Yes
10 Soft Skill training of all drivers. Yes
11 Dedicated Relationship Manager for all Customers on and after service. Yes